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Ian's Platform
Community First


Hawaii’s housing shortage is a heartbreak, and the way to fix this is by concentrating development in the urban core and along transit lines. As a born and raised resident, I've seen friends forced to leave the islands they love as a direct result of skyrocketing costs and a limited supply of affordable homes. Between 2019 and 2023 the median family home cost rose from $780,000 to $1,100,000. A recent Census report highlighted a staggering exodus of 67,257 residents between 2021 and 2022. As of today, we've marked the 7th year of population decline. Having grown up on Kauai, I understand the need to preserve our green spaces and treat every community with respect. We must create new housing while preserving what makes Hawaii special, allowing our friends and families to keep living together as one community.

Solving Hawaii’s Housing Affordability Crisis


There used to be a time when families could leave their doors unlocked and trust in the safety of their communities. We must foster safer communities by promoting neighborhood watch programs, community-oriented policing, and access to victim support services, while addressing root causes like poverty and lack of mental health resources. I support common-sense reforms to reduce gun violence. Additionally, I support policies that will stop the proliferation of illegal game rooms.

Safe Communities


I advocate for a comprehensive approach to tackling homelessness that addresses the interconnected issues of housing, mental health support, access to healthcare, and job training opportunities. With a particular emphasis on vulnerable populations like Hawaii's youth and Native Hawaiians, my strategies include developing Kauhale housing communities inspired by traditional Hawaiian living, enhancing mental health and detox services, and implementing job training programs to facilitate reintegration and self-sufficiency.

A Comprehensive Approach to Reducing Hawaii's Homelessness


I am passionate about positioning Hawaii as a global leader in sustainability and the fight against climate change. If elected, I will champion policies that boost incentives for renewable energy adoption across all sectors, attract green industries and jobs to our local economy, and prioritize resilient infrastructure and sustainable transportation to reduce emissions. My goal is to drive our transition to a clean energy future while fortifying our islands against climate impacts and environmental threats.

Sustainability &

Climate Change

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